Ferrari Group

DIY Passion!

We have been producing and marketing products for DIY lovers ever since 1954.

Our core business is represented by the production and marketing of wine related items, from the grape harvest to the bottling of wine.

Values Mission



We are present in more than 50 Countries

Point of sale

More than 1520 Point of sale served


More than 3000 items produced and/ or marketed


9000 sqm production facility on the outskirts of Parma


Our sectors

10 December 2022

Kit homebrewing: basic ingredients

HOMEBREWING Basic ingredients MALT AND WATER: THE TWO FUNDAMENTAL INGREDIENTS FOR PERFECT HOMEMADE BEER PRODUCTION Malt These are cereal grains brought to germination during a process […]
9 December 2022

Kit homebrewing: tutorial

KIT HOMBREWING How to use it? Our homebrewing kits are complete with everything you need to produce excellent beer comfortably at home! The procedure is simple […]

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