The value of a company depends on the strength of its principles


Innovation underlies any positive change. In order to be acknowledged as leaders and benchmark in the DIY world, we think ahead with the choices we make every day.


A company strategy that aims at success cannot disregard a strong spirit of adaptability to meet needs that change over time.

Customer focus

It is the counterpart of the same thing. We consider our Customers people who deserve of our best: an outstanding offer, intended both as product and service.


We make the best use and develop the skills of our employees at all levels, with the goal of enhancing professionalism at the service of our stakeholders.

Quality is a choice

And we choose to get better day after day

We could talk about quality in many ways. We’ll just say that quality has always been our best business plan. Each and every strategic and production choice we make seeks the added value of our items to improve the Customer’s product experience.

Ferrari Group offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products: the continuous control over process efficiency is the guarantee that allows us to be acknowledged among the main players in our target markets.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification bears witness to the commitment to constantly improve company processes in order to offer products of proven quality.