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Ferrari Group s.r.l.
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America's Best Selling Homebrew Cappers

Ferrari Group have been producing the larger range of cappers since 1954.

The ORIGINAL capper and well known all over the world is the FERRARI “EMILY" red capper (Red Baron). Thanks to our engineering team and R&D dept, we have studied and developed the most reliable and best cappers in the world, to secure your beverages safely at home (Colt series bench cappers, Super 2000 & 2000 bench cappers, Ercole pneumatic capper, Gloria, Emily, Greta cappers).

Ferrari two-lever cappers and Ferrari bench cappers are made of high-tech plastic raw material - in comparison to the old style cappers made of heavy Metal, Ferrari's cappers are made of nylon and very flexible plastic raw material, to suit better the neck of bottles without breakage -, special bell cups, allowing best capping for craft beers too. Thanks to the wide choice of cappers we offer, we can easily satisfy all requirements of every homebrewer... starting from the less expensive cappers to the top professional bench cappers like the newest last model ERCOLE Pneumatic capper.